Staying Safe

On The Internet

Personal Infomation

Some websites may ask for personal information online. Such as your address, although some websites need your address to send to things like clothes. However some websites you need to be careful of and think if you really need to give them your address.

They may ask you for your date of birth this information can be used for identify theft, which is someone saying there're you and proving it by knowing your date of birth. With this information someone can take out a loan from your bank, so only give personal information out to websites you can trust.

Social Networks

Websites encourage us to share nearly everything about are selves like photos, feelings and our purchases. It may be fun to share photos and videos, but you should think about who is able to see it. Photo's can hang around for years. So you must always think before you post a photo if it's what you want everyone including strangers to see.