The Crime of the Three Blind Mice

By: Sara Hall

What Really Happened

  • The butcher's wife was put under arrest for assault against the three blind mice after she cut their tails off.
  • Because this was three counts of assault, it was considered a felony.
  • Due to the violent act of the crime, her bail was set at $250,000, an amount that her family could not afford to pay
  • The grand jury decided to seek an indictment for three counts of felony assault.

The Trial Process

  • The butcher's wife sat down with her public defender and the prosecution to discuss a plea bargain.
  • The bargain said that the wife would plead guilty in return for serving less time.
  • Convinced of her innocence, the defendant denied the deal and at arraignment pleaded not guilty.

The Trial Process cont.

  • In front of a petit jury, both the prosecution and the defense argued their case.
  • The wife claimed that she only attacked them in self defense because they had entered her home.
  • When asked if she knew they had been blinded, she committed perjury and lied, saying she did not know.
  • All three mice were subpoenaed to speak out as witnesses.

The Verdict

  • After all the evidence had been presented and it was proven that the mice had in fact been blinded, the judge turned the command over to the jury to decide on conviction or acquittal
  • It only took a couple hours to deliberate, and the jury came back with a convicted verdict.
  • Outraged, the wife quickly appealed, although she was just as quickly denied.