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Survey results analyzed

Are formative and summative assessments equally important in all grade levels when assessing literacy?

Over the course of one and a half weeks, eight teachers completed a survey about assessments. These teachers thought critically about the formative and summative assessments they use in their classroom and how useful they are. These teachers are diverse in the grades they teach as they range from Kindergarten through fifth grade and even include an AIS Reading teacher. The questions of this survey were specifically designed to help answer the "big question."

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Let's Reflect!

Literacy assessment is critical for gathering data and helping to instruct our students. Most teachers in my school assess their students daily when reading. Most of these assessments are formative because it is too much on our students to give them summative assessments every day or even every week. The most surprising thing from the result was that many teachers felt summative assessments were just as important as formative assessments.

Some teacher do not like to assess their students, but assessments are crucial to move students forward and to see which strategies work and which do not. The data collected from my survey showed that teachers use their assessment data to monitor student learning, guide lessons, move students up or down in reading groups, and to help determine if an intervention is needed. Assessments are one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use in her classroom to help her students.