Space and it's wonders

Look up, not down.


I've done my fair share of talking about space. Hours and hours of going over the same things with different people, and it never gets old. But what have I actually done to interest other people in space? Well... not much. Over the course of this semester alone, I've talked about black holes, pulsars, CFL Quark matter, wormholes... but that's all it was. Talk. I'm going to change that, starting right now.

Advertising and its effect on society

Manipulative Marketing

Somethings are ubiquitous in our lives. Other people, noise, radio, oxygen (hopefully). There are some things we don't notice as much, but still have an effect. Advertisements are all around us. Store signs, magazines, every other song on the radio, even on our phones. Some simple phrase or catchy tune could get stuck in our heads all day, and it's all because of clever marketing. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but that's fairly rare, and more often than not it's some manipulative idea that gets into our heads. These types of advertisements can dictate peoples lives, motivating them to do things they otherwise would never have even thought of doing.

Media Manipulation of it's Viewers

Media is notorious for manipulation, especially when it comes to product advertisement. One of the biggest issues many americans are facing today is obesity, and the government is taking steps to reduce this. Companies are also backing anti-obesity campaigns, but thats not all they're doing. They continue to sell and advertise their own obesity causing products, go against government regulation, lie about product information, and they do it all while raking in billions of dollars. This is a huge problem now, and it can only get worse in the future. The government and the people need to take action now and fix the issue before it's too late.

Should Apple Fix?

The FBI has asked Apple to help unlock the iPhone of a terrorist who was involved in a shooting which killed 14 people. Apple has complied with everything, using all their available resources to attempt to unlock the phone, but it's not enough. What's needed is a "Backdoor", a piece of software used to unlock the phone through brute force. Apple has refused to create this software, saying that it could be used to unlock any iPhone and would eventually end up in the hands of hackers everywhere. Many are siding with Apple, saying this software is far too dangerous to be left in the hands of the government. Some are still asking what is preventing apple from making the software and hacking the phone themselves, and only after the phone is hacked handing it over to the government.

Smore #8 Get it straight

Through my research, I found that Donald Trump has one of the worst track records on the politifact website. Out of 115 quotes, 48 are deemed false and 21 are "Pants on fire." A shocking amount of misinformation comes from the republican frontrunner. Shocking. I think everyone should look up the person they're supporting before they fully support them and make the vote to put them in the white house. I can only assume that most people single out one aspect of someones campaign and support them based only on that. I don't think people have done research regarding Hillary Clinton or The Donald considering their current standings. Modern media is one of the most unreliable and biased sources of information in todays world. News sites love to bias towards a candidate who would make them more money if they won, and they love to silence anything good about other candidates who go against their chosen winner. If people only listened to one news site and didn't fact check anything they said, as is the current trend, the person elected might end up an entirely different person once they get into office. People will be surprised when the president ends up changing all of their views once elected and doesn't do anything that was promised during their campaign. If they had just done a few minutes of research they would have known.

Smore #9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

These rebellions, despite many of them failing, had a huge effect on the future. They served as inspiration for other groups wishing to rebel, causing a wave of rebellion around them. The people involved always had a common cause. The Boston Tea Party was organized to show how no one liked the taxes in place, and they wanted their own rules and government in charge. An individual wouldn't have been able to get this done. It took the work of dozens of people, coordinated in their efforts to throw the tea into the waters. They were inspired to act because of group unrest. They saw that no one was happy with what was going on, so they got together and acted on it. In order to gain activists, groups would simply single out the people with similar interests and ask them if they would like to join. There wouldn't have been any secret hand shakes, code words, or special dances to symbolize you were a part of the group. All around the world, except for America, large scale protests and rebellion is just another part of society. If the community disagrees with something, it's almost expected that they try to stop it and even go so far as to rebel against their government. Take Brazil. They disagreed with how their country was being run, they hated the corruption in their government, so more than a million Brazilians marched against their government, and are still marching now.