Baby Alexandria is Here!

By: Brianna Aguilar

Alexandria Ivette Crawford

Our Beautiful baby girl, Alexandria, was born May 5th 2015 at 11:30 PM weighing about 6 pounds 3 ounces and is 19 inches long! She is now Six Months old.
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The Beginning :-)

(11/10) Hey guys it's the owner of the blog here! Well anyways, Im just writing this to give you guys (my readers) a little background on me and my life. Hope you enjoy!

My name is Brianna Aguilar Crawford and I'm married to my husband Chace Crawford. You guys may know him as the actor who played Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. We actually met on set there. I was the Set Medic and treated him one day that he injured himself on set. We started talking and dating from there and now have been happily married for 3 years. I found out my pregnancy quite early because we we're actually trying to get pregnant. I went in for a test at the doctor's office because I noticed that I had missed my period and sure enough I was pregnant. Thankfully I had a pretty smooth and healthy pregnancy with no complications. The story of how I went to labor is actually quite something. My husband and I were at a Mexican Restaurant to enjoy some Mexican food because it was Cinco de Mayo when my water broke out of nowhere. We got lucky that the restaurant was close to the hospital and rushed out to the hospital. I was in labor for 5 whole hours before Alexandria was born at 11:30 PM. Holding her for the first time was an amazing experience. I couldn't believe that I was holding a little life in my hands that I had created with the man I love. It was an inexplicable feeling. That was honestly the greatest moment in my life. I would love to experience this again. I would without a doubt get pregnant again. I honestly can't wait to have more little ones around the house.

OUR FAMILY πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

Alex's First Selfie :')

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Our First Day & Night Together as a Family!

(11/11) Well this was more stressful than I thought! As soon as i got home from the hospital it as already time to feed Alexandria. I couldn't believe it and I was already so exhausted from labor and the hospital visit. From my research I knew that newborns usually eat about 8-12 times a day and Alexandria proved this to be true. That baby girl ate every 2 hours. I was breastfeeding so it was an interesting experience getting her to latch and get all the milk she could. We did struggle a bit at the beginning but by the 4th time we began to get into a rhythm. I also changed her after every feeding. So our system was a feeding and changing every two hours unless she had already pooped before. We had to comfort her about 3 to 4 times usually after diaper changes. That seemed to rile her up. Alexandria slept most of the day and it was easy to put her to sleep. Night time was another story.... She was very restless. She woke up about 3 times other than feeding times. It was a rough first day but I'm hoping it'll get better and we can start getting used to a schedule. Hopefully she will begin to adjust to her home. I still wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

Feeding Alex πŸ’–

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First Baby Related Argument :(

(11/11) So today Chace and I ran into our first baby related issue. We had a disagreement on whether Alexandria should sleep in our bed or sleep in her own bassinet. I was completely against her sleeping with us but Chace was expressing his strong belief that she should be in our bed with us. He believed that her sleeping with us will provide a stronger connection, will make us more comfortable and convenient. He kept saying that breastfeeding at night would be so much easier for me if I just let Alexandria sleep with us. I however could only think of all the risks we would take by letting her sleep with us. Her sleeping with us only increases the chance of her overheating, has more of a chance of SIDS, and would only make us have to deal with the long process of getting her used to her own bed at one point. None of this sounded appealing and honestly the thought of her sleeping with us frightened me no matter how much I love her. Yes it would be a nice experience but there are honestly way to many risks. I didn't even wanna think about increasing the chance of SIDS. After showing Chace all my research and having a deep conversation over the subject we came to an agreement that it was just a better decision to let her sleep in her own cot right beside our bed than with us. She would still be close by and we could still hear all her cries and be able to grab her just as quickly in an emergency.

Selfie with Aunt Jessica

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Play Date πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά

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Oh no! 😳

So, Chace and I noticed these strange white patches on the inside of Alexandria's cheeks and tongue the other day. We were a little worried so I called the doctor and set up an appointment. After taking a swab of the patch, the doctor diagnosed her with Thrush. She told me that it was a common and harmless yeast infection of the mouth. She also said that some of the symptoms are fussiness and the creamy white substance/patches in the mouth and on the tongue. I immediately wanted to find out how it could be treated and was told that for the most is goes away on its own. I was notified however that if the Thrush didn't seem to be clearing up after two days, I was to notify the pediatrician and she would prescribe me some oral gel. It was a oral fungal medication that was to be used for 10 days and spread around the inside of the mouth. At first I was extremely worried but now that I know that it is a harmless infection that will most likely clear up on it's own, I feel more at ease. I will continue to watch Alexandria and hope that this goes away as soon as possible.

Selfie Time πŸ˜‚

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New Belief

So this new thing is going around that apparently breastfeeding may be better but it still doesn't protect from allergies. A new search proved that it doesn't make a difference to breast feed or not in the sense of protection from allergies. I believe that this might be true but shouldn't make people lean more towards giving their baby formula. Breast feeding still has many benefits.

My Project Overview

It was very weird carrying a baby around for & days. I felt a little uncomfortable and it was a hustle trying to get around with the baby. I kinda felt like the baby was a burden. I also had to have my baby in my hands at all times which was a struggle. People looked at me strangely when I had the baby. My friends would laugh and make jokes about it but at the same time always wanted to hold the baby. My parents of course tried to make a lesson out of it. The thing I liked most about this project was making the baby and it being a new experience. My least favorite part was actually carrying around in passing period, during my classes and at lunch. The hardest part of the project was taking care of the baby and making sure nothing happened to it.