How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Every Geographic Feature Counts!


During a zombie apocalypse, you have to think about all of the basic necessities, such as

food and water resources, basic shelter,and protection. You also have to think about where all of these resources are available and within reach. In this flyer, there are going to be three North American regions that can or cannot provide or sustain humans in a zombie apocalypse.

The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is a North American region that wraps around the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes. The Canadian Shield is distinctively shaped like a horseshoe or shield, and has some of the oldest rock formations in North America. The Canadian Shield has hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers and has hills worn by many years of weathering and erosion. As well as the great lakes, the Hudson Bay is a commonly known geographic feature in this region.

Zombie Survival

As mentioned in the first paragraph, in a zombie apocalypse you have to think about all of the basic necessities to survive. In the Canadian shield, I would rate this region seven points out of ten in most likely to sustain human life in a zombie apocalypse, because this region has an abundant supply of fresh water and wildlife which gives you a food and water resource but it is very cold in that region so there is a chance you will die of natural causes.

The Appalachian Highlands

The Appalachian Highlands is a North American region that is found west of the Coastal Plains and extends from Eastern Canada to Western Alabama. It contains the Piedmont sub-region that is the plateau area at the foot of the mountains. The Appalachians are the oldest mountain range in North America, and they are much more eroded than the Rocky Mountains. This region is known to have lots of rivers that flow through the mountains and one of the well-known rivers in that area are the Ohio river.

Zombie Survival

I would rate this region nine-and-a-half out of ten for zombie survival because if the zombies are spawned outside of that area, it would be very hard for them to get to your position because the mountains protecting you are vary hard to move through. You also have food and water resources there; there are rivers and streams you can drink from, and plenty of wildlife you can use as a food source.

Great Plains

The Greats Plains is a North American Region west of the Interior Lowlands and east of the Rocky Mountains. Some key features are that the elevation in this region slowly increases westward. This region is known for dry grasslands and the badlands of South Dakota are included in this region.

Zombie Survival

I would give this region 3 out of ten stars for zombie survival because this region doesn't have a fresh water resource and it's easy to get eaten by zombies because it is very flat and you don't have any protection. There are lots of tornadoes here so you can either get killed by a tornado or die of dehydration.