An Abundance of Katherine

Book by: John Green, book report by: Hannah Hess

Information about the Book

There is a total of 228 pages in the book.

The genre of the book An Abundance of Katherine is young adult novel.


The setting in this book is mostly a road trip that Colin and Hassan take. But they come to a small town in Tennessee called Gutshot. They stay with a family in a pink house with no air conditioning.


The main conflict is Colin, Colin had recently gotten dumped by his girlfriend but he wants to get back together so that is one conflict. Person vs. person because he wants to get back together with her. Colin has a tendency to date Katherine but out of all the 19 Katherine he's dated hes gotten dumped by all of them. But he falls in love with Katherine 19 and that is why he wants to get back together so bad. But she doesn't want to because she thinks he always wants something to solve.