Big News!!!

Shining Diamonds!

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Let's go for it!

Tis the season for reaching HIGH and going for your GOALS! I hope you saw my video that I posted on our Shining Diamonds' page yesterday! I declared that we, AS A TEAM, will be going for a big goal of STAR DIRECTOR!! This is super excited, but also super scary. :)

What do we need to do???

The TEAM needs to sell $250,000!!!! We are over half way there!!!

We need one DIRECTOR and FOUR STAR Teams!!

We need YOU...every sale counts! This is a team effort! :)

Every single one of YOU will count in this potential promotion! Every earring, necklace or bag you sell counts!!!

So...we will be starting off the week with amazing tips on how to collect outside orders! Each day, I will post a TIP on our Facebook page!

Remember...YOU want to make the most of your own NOVEMBER for your own HOLIDAY WHY! Think about what $200 in your pocket could do for YOU this season!!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing month! I am beyond blessed to know each and everyone of YOU! I know we can come together this next 14 days!!! Let's do this girls!

Stef xo

Outside Order WEEK!


FRIDAY FUNDAY!!! Today's TIP is BUSINESSES! Who do YOU know that is a Business Owner??? Guess what? They need to get holiday gifts as well for their employees! Be the ELF and offer your services! How fun would it be to delight the ladies in the office with a GIFT CARD or POUF? Offer some fun pieces within their budget! This could be a BIG order!!!

TODAY is the last day of Scarf Palooza! Let's FLOOD the page with outside orders!!! YOU are rocking it! PERSONAL reach outs are working!!!!!! I dare you to PICK FIVE people today to reach out to!!!

Day 4- Men!!!!

Thursday is all about MEN! Here's your TIP for the day! Men need YOUR help!!! They don't know what to get their wives, girlfriends, moms! Reach out to all the MEN you know and personally give them an idea! Maybe two choices!

Hi John, Hope all is well! I wanted to reach out because I know Kate loves Stella and Dot and I would love to help you in anyway scoop up some sweet gifts for her this season. I LOVE the engravable disc necklace! It is meaningful and personal. It's $69 and we have a special going on now where you can grab our favorite scarf for $14.99! Kate would LOVE YOU!!! If you would like any help, let me know! Stef


Hi John! I hope all is well. I wanted to reach out because I know Kate would love some Stella and Dot this year for the holidays. We have a fantastic special right now! If you buy a GIFT Card over $50, you can scoop up our Westwood Scarf for $14.99. Gift card+scarf, she will love you!!!! Let me know if I can help! Stef

Don't forget to POST any orders to our SCARF PALOOZA Pinned POST!!!!!

Happy Thursday!


*****Wacky WEDNESDAY is here!!! Tip #3 and a FLASH 48 HOUR CHALLENGE and a SCARF PALOOZA!!!!!!!!!! Every SALE you get from TODAY until FRIDAY at midnight will be entered to win a NEW SPRING SCARF!!!!!! POST your orders HERE on our FB PAGE!!!!! *********

Wednesday Tip- Reach out to all moms who NEED teacher and babysitter gifts!!! Let's be their ELF! I know I struggle every year with what to get and believe me, when I was a teacher, I would have LOVED STELLA!!!! MOMS also love ideas for their children, THEIR MOTHERS, Their MILs!!!! Throughout the day today, I will share ideas to make it EASY for our MOM friends!

Remember, we are AIMING for a $50+ order so they can take advantage of the SCARF AND earn DOT DOLLARS!!!!!!

***First tip...if you didn't see this yesterday, it was BRILLIANT! I messaged 10 ladies PERSONALLY about this and have a few people looking at the site right now!!!

Megan!!! S&D just released a crazy good deal today to grab one of my most favorite scarves for only $14.99 with a $50 purchase! Thinking that you are like me and need to start stocking up on holiday gifts for your girls' teachers and babysitters - if so, our Wishing bracelets are perfect! $19 each - if you grab four of them then you can get the scarf for that amazing price and gift it. Or keep it for yourself - that's probably what I would do! smile emoticon Happy to place an order for you! PLUS...omg, you get dot dollars to spend after Christmas!!! xo

Just posting on your FB VIP page or wall work?? NO! If you want to help others with gifting, it has to be personal! Will everyone you reach out to order? NO...just like booking, it is a NUMBERS game!

******PALOOZA TIME!!!********

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Everyday I will give you TIPS on how to reach out for Holiday orders!

Day ONE!

Day 1- Mail it Monday!!!

What a WEEKEND! I am so so pumped for the next 15 days of the month! I know we are all going to rock it! Every sale will count and this week, we are going to give YOU TIPS on how to collect OUTSIDE orders!!!!

Tip #1-MAIL IT MONDAY!!!!!! Loved this tip from Kelly Free Smith and Courtney Sward Stelladot
- Today you will go to your lounge and search for TOP purchasers! These ladies love personal attention. Send them a sweet personal note and holiday book thanking them for their business and including ideas for some gifts!!! Let them know you will be following up with them on Thursday!!! Give that personal TOUCH!

Can you imagine if you did this each week during the holidays? Or how about a few each day this week? I bet you will see orders coming in! Remember...just emailing girls may NOT generate any sales. Many girls DO NOT read through emails...but a personal mailing...YES! They WILL see that and appreciate that!!!!!

Mail at least ONE mailing out today and post DONE!

WTS- HI Kate...thank you for being an amazing customer! Please enjoy the new Holiday book! We have many amazing gift ideas. I am loving the new WISHING bracelets for teachers and babysitters! I'll call you on Thursday to see if you need any help with gifting! xo

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Day 2 !!! Contact all HOSTESSES about the SCARF SPECIAL!

Hostess Challenge!!! GO!

Tuesday Tip for Outside ORDERS!

- It's time to CHALLENGE your hostess! YES! Make them work for their rewards!!!! smile emoticon I always challenge my hostesses to collect THREE outside orders before or after the show and I will gift them a pair of STUDS! It gets them motivated to contact those ladies that can't make the show!!!

TODAY we have an amazing reason to reach out to ALL hostesses...past and future! The SCARF DEAL is incredible!!!! What an easy way to collect at least a $65 ORDER! ($50 + Scarf!)

This is what I will send out!

Jen!!! I am so pumped! The company just announced an amazing special for all customers starting today!! What a great GIFT to scoop up for the holidays! Spend $50, get the scarf for $14.99 oh and still earn your dot dollars! OMG! I have a FUN challenge for you!!! Collect THREE outside orders for you show! If you do, I'll send you a pair of STUDS of your choice!!! Go girl!!!! I know you had a bunch of girls that couldn't make it last week, text this out to them!!!

Tell her to text this with the picture below!!!
Check out this deal!!! Spend $50, get the scarf for $14.99 oh and still earn your dot dollars! This is an amazing GIFT! My link is (

***FYI..I am sending an email to each show that is open PAST AND FUTURE with this special as well!!! Have the hostess work for you AND you work it too!!!!

***********CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!! Send this challenge to your HOSTESSES TODAY and message PERSONALLY girls who would love this!!! Get an outside order and POST HERE!!!!!!! I have a special treat ready to raffle off! GO!