Join the fight against NO homework!

eveyryone is welcome!

Join Taylor in the fight!

How awesome would it be to not have any homework? Just imagine how much free time you would have! Taylor has practice an hour and a half away 3-4 times a week and doesn't get home till 10 pm. When she gets home she still has homework, plus a shower and whatever else needs to be done around the house. Everyday she is always super tired because she can never get her sleeping schedule right. Homework should be optional. The kids who need the extra help can do it, and the kids who understand it, don't have to waste their time doing it.

March 25

Leonardtown High school Lobby

This will be a peaceful protest, but it will be disruptive! We will get what we want and we won't stop until we do! The principle just got fired so they don't have any rules to abide by! We need to seize this opportunity, IT'S NOW OR NEVER!