U.S. and Canada connections

By :Gabriella Estrada

The U.S. and Canada's relationship between each other

The U.S. and Canada made an agreement in 1989 which was a two way trade for services and goods which has tripled. Canada is the U.S. largest customer with the sales of about 312 billion dollars worth of goods in 2013. The sale was even more than Germany, U.K., China, and Japan combined.

The U.S. and Canada enjoy very well a bilateral relationship which is very special and unique. The reason they have a good relationship is because of the common interests, deep connections, similar values, and the multi layered economic ties. Both countries speak English as the prominent language, also they try to solidify their different culture uniqueness.

They both share two borders, which 300,000 people cross from both countries everyday from all different types of transportation. Both also work on the environmental protection and free trade. Recently there have been a few issues of trade disputes, and environmental concerns. The Canadian concern for the future is oil exports, issues of illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism.

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Trade between both Countries Facts

  • The exports totaled to 354 billion
  • The imports totaled to 354 billion as well
  • Canada is the U.S. largest trading partner
  • In 2013 the U.S. goods trade deficit with Canada was 32 million
  • The Canadian direct investment for the U.S. is led by the finance/insurance and manufacturing banking sectors