Warsaw, Poland

The land of absolute perfection.

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Warsaw's Pleasures

Warsaw is a walk-bike city. The tallest four-faced clock can be found on the Palace of Culture and Science. Stalin donated the Palace of Culture and Science, which many tourists like to see! Nowy Swiat is a little shopping center with restaurants. Now that you know about it, come experience it for yourself!

Warsaw's Weather

Not to hot! Not o cold! In the winter, the temperature is usually between 25°F and 42°F. The summer is different with temperatures between 47°F and 73°F. The average temperature is 46°F. even though it rains regularly, July is the wettest month. Just right!

Warsaw's Wonders

Everyone who visits Warsaw is amazed by Warsaw’s history. Warsaw has been the capital of Poland since the late 16th century. Many people work in agriculture. If you play sports, you may enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, hockey or try something new… STREETBALL! It is a lot like basketball. Warsaw has a population of about 1.71 million people and about 18 people move there a day! Don't believe it? Come see for yourself!

So Much History!

You can see all of these unbelievable landmarks! In Warsaw, you go see the Old Jewish Ghetto, Presidential Palace is from the 17th century and the president has been living there since the 1900s. Pawiak Prison is where Germany held their prisoners. You can even see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which has an eternal flame and is guarded. So many places!


“I don’t understand you!” In Warsaw, Poles have a Western Slavic language. It is officially called Polish. Polish was first written in the 12th century! English and German are the most common second languages. “Oh! Now I understand!’


Come try Warsaw's unique delicacies! If you are visiting Warsaw, you may need to tweak your schedule because breakfast is around 7:00 am, 2nd breakfast is mid-day, the main meal is late afternoon and the biggest meal is Sunday lunch. A pierogi is a crescent shaped food with anything in it, like cheese and potatoes. A flaki is like a Polish soup. There are food traditions in Poland; throwing animal crackers at the bride and giving special cakes at baptisms.
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