Who are the real immigrants here?

written and edited by: Hayden McCray

Houston for President: Sam Sam with him we can!

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Who really started here in Texas

The natives of Texas are those who are treated like mongrels. The Indians would have all rights to push us off the land if they wanted because they started here and have been here for thousands of years and established their way of life.

What is going to happening to the Texas debt?

The debt of Texas could never truly be paid off, it would only grow in size while we could do nothing about it. We may all be wondering "How did we get so in debt in the first place?" It happened when we weren't looking and we spent and spent until we just magically ended up here. Well this is our governments own fault in taking out their wallets and writing bank busting checks along with spending money to fight Native Americans off because they just wont accept that they belonged here first!


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