Tyler Summer Vacation

Vacation at Grandpa's House

My sister and my mom had to go to Michigan for dance nationals and I decided to go to my grandpa's house in oconomowoc . He lives onokauchee lake . I left home on June 29. My grandpa and my Uncle had to come pick me up then we went to look at hard wood floor for my grandpa house. the next stop was to drop off my Uncle back Home, Then we went to Piggly Wiggly the nearest grocery store to get food. When we got to my grandpa's house I decide to watch tv eat. That is all I did.

On July 31 I went on a boat ride to my uncles house to clean the boat. After that I decide to go swimming. Later that day I cleaned the the ford model A.

It was the forth of July I had to wake up early Because me and My grandpa was in the parade In one of the couple cars he had left. We decide to take the ford Model A. When the Parade was done we had lunch and went back to my grandpas house. That night we both went on a boat ride to meet my uncle in a spot on the lake to see the fireworks.

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Vacation to Wesby,Wisconsion

My family decide to go to westby, Wisconsin to some family for two days. While I was there Gary had me help him cut sod that he sells. We also went Amish shopping.

Vacation to Chula Vista Resort In Wisconsion Dells

After we we left westby we decide to go to chula vista resort in Wisconsin Dells. Later that day when the room was ready we found out that there was no couch and had to go back to the lobby. It was hard to get to the lobby because there was an event going on. when we finally got to the lobby the people at the front desk got us a new room. In the new room there was still wasn't a couch. We found out that the couch's were moved because of problems they had. The people at the front desk decide to upgrade us to a condo room just like a regular hotel room but nicer.

Later that day we went to the outdoor water park but about ten minutes later we started to get cold and went inside.

The final day we were there we stayed at the indoor water park the whole day. Later that day the hotel had to close two pools down. So everyone left because only the water slides were left.

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