Mini Webquest

1. What are the 4 components of SAMR?

S - Substitution

A - Augmentation

M - Modification

R - Redefinition

2. Who developed SAMR?

Dr. Ruben Puentedura
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3. How can SAMR help integrate technology in the classroom?

It provides a template / guide for how and when to integrate technology into lessons. It also provides a variety of different resources to try based on the needs of the students.

4. How can components of SAMR promote higher order thinking skills?

SAMR is directly related to Bloom's taxonomy. It forces us to consume information differently but also create information in a variety of ways.
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5. What is teaching above the line?

The movement from substitution and augmentation to modification and redefinition. It also includes analyzing, evaluating, and creating.
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