Arcola, The Magic in the Middle

Weekly Update, 4/16/21

Spring= Blooming and Flying by!

Spring is here and that means we are busy! So much to accomplish in the last marking period but we will persevere. Let's stay focused on the final marking period, let's crush the PSSA and Keystone tests and let's end the year the best way we can- staying strong and positive! We can all get stuck in the swirl of negativity but this is not productive nor healthy. Let's stay CAN DO focused and support each other.

The Counselor Corner

The third marking period has come to a close and we are already a week into the last marking period of the year! Please continue to encourage your student to work hard and finish the year strong. If you have any concerns about how to get extra help for your student, reach out to their counselor for help.

April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week, an opportunity to recognize those who volunteer and their impact on our communities. Volunteering is a great way to show our children how to care for others. Doing good comes in many forms and this organization can help you find volunteer opportunities for you and your family:

We have been hearing a lot about the dangers of vaping by children and teenagers and the government has taken to curb its use by banning most flavored e-cigarettes. However, there is a loophole that allows flavored disposable vapes to still be sold. Brands like Puff Bar have become particularly popular among teens. Please see this article for more information about this topic:

Arcola E-Book Fair!

Arcola is hosting an eFair book fair from 4/15 until 4/30/2021.

What's an eFair Book Fair?

It's an online book fair. Click here to browse titles: eFair Titles

You can order directly from Arcola's Follett book vendor. View this video on placing orders: How to Purchase A Book

All orders will be shipped to Arcola within 5 days of the e fair's end.

Orders will be placed in your advisory classroom or in the front entrance for student pickup during the hours of 7:30 AM to 2 PM.

Click this link to access our eFair directly: Arcola eFair Book Fair

Happy reading~ Mrs. McKenzie

PS. I know you missed book fair as much as I did!

Home and School News

Grade 8 Social will be held June 4th at the Elmwood Zoo!

Arcola 8th GRADE SOCIAL Friday June 4th 5:30-8:30 PM Join us for the 8th Grade Social, a private event hosted by the Elmwood Park Zoo! This socially distanced and mask required semi-formal will be a night filled with fun, friends, food, music, and more! Tickets cost $30.00

PSSA and Keystone Testing

All students are scheduled to take the PSSA and Keystone tests on the following dates:

PSSA ELA- May 11, 12, 13- grade 7 and 8

PSSA MATH- May 19, 20- grade 7 and 8

PSSA SCIENCE- May 25, 26- grade 8 only

Algebra 1 Keystone- only for this course, May 17 and 18

  • All testing times will run from approximately 9-11:30
  • If you are virtual we need to know if you are coming in for the tests, please let us know asap; students will have access to bus transportation to school and after testing is complete (a mid-day bus run)

Any questions please call the school or email Dr. Mangano directly,