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Weekly Blog June 8th-12th, 2015


Pop Goes the Bubble!

All Around the Playscape,

Making lots of Bubbles,

Students had so Much Fun,

Pop Goes the Bubbles!!!

Experimenting with bubbles has been a fantastic scientific learning experience as students determined what would make large bubbles, what ingredients when mixed together would make bubbles, and how hard to blow to form rainbow snake bubbles! The laughter and smiles were contagious. We discovered that hula hoops make fantastic large bubbles! Try it at home! Students want to continue with the rainbow snake bubbles next week. If you have any mismatched socks bring them in on Monday so that we can make more Rainbow Snake Bubble Blowers!

All Around the Learning Labs

What did you discover today?

Students have been building more elaborate structures in the construction areas throughout the learning labs using most of the blocks and building materials available. Structures are sometimes roads, or bridges, or carwashes, or even zoos! Recognizing the detail, creativity, and spatial relationships students are using in their creations is another reminder of how far students have come this year. As the last 2 weeks of school for this year are upon us, students are engaging in some of their favorite past activities. Creative arts, sensory exploration, and math discovery continue to guide students in skill progression. We encourage you to allow your child to engage in similar activities throughout July giving opportunities for discovery, experimentation, and exploration!

School Year 2015-2016

The administrative team has been busy bees planning away! You have received the last page to your parent contracts reflecting your tuition for the upcoming school year through the mail. The tuition reflects the new rates for the 2015-2016 school year. We will need all tuition contracts returned to the office by June 15th, 2015. The tuition rates are based upon the 2015-2016 projected yearly program budget for a quality early childhood program.

Fall Welcome Packets will be emailed by early July. Welcome Packets will contain important information regarding the upcoming school year. We ask for all families to read carefully, share documents and place information into your personal calendars. The Fall Welcome Packet will include:

-Curriculum calendar and web

-Standards and Skills Web

-TerraNichol Academy School Calendar Draft

-Activities Information

-Parent Volunteer Information

-Updated Contact Information Form

-Waste Free Lunch Policies and Updated Parent Handbook Policies

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