The Oregon Trail Journal

By Nick Fiebig

My Journey on the Oregon Trail

days of travel

On the first day we got in our wagon groups we got our materials. The capacity of our covered wagon is 1000 bulk weight units. so we had to choose wisely, and not waist any of our bwu's. As we traveled we had two choices and i chose to pay 25$ and i survived the path. after that we went hunting and i got 15 pounds of deer. after that we gambled and we came in second place so we didn't lose or gain anything. We went threw some pretty tough situations. we had to take these different trails and if we took the wrong one we would have to do a certain challenge. those challenges were pretty hard, you would have to like gamble and then if you came in last you would lose stuff. it was pretty entertaining and we got through situations and made it alive for a very long time but we didn't get to are goal and we all died.