1st Vice-President's Report

By Don Peterson

Duties of the 1st Vice President

  1. The first vice president will be the default chairperson of the Executive Committee and Representative Assembly, unless those bodies decide otherwise.
  2. The first vice president will assume the role of president, until an election can be held as soon as practically possible, if the president is unable to continue in that capacity or resigns.
  3. The first vice president will attend meetings on behalf of the Association at the request of the President.

What have I been doing this year?

This is a list of activities I have taken part in as either the 1st Vice-President, Local Representative or simply because I felt the activity is important.

  • took part in the organization of the strike at the local level which included coordinating the Welcome Wagon, daily raffle helping with the organization of the two study sessions and the ratification vote.
  • attended the all candidates meetings during the election local school trustees
  • a member of the Elementary Report Card Committee
  • a member of the District Numeracy Committee
  • a member of the STA Grievance Committee
  • attended liaison meetings with the president around issues of the Staffing LOU
  • attended step 3 grievance meetings with the president
  • chaired Executive, Representative Assembly and General Meetings
  • attended 4 BCTF Representative Meetings in Vancouver and Kamloops as one of your two Local Representatives
  • attended my 9th BCTF AGM
  • attended a Victoria Labour Council meeting
  • attended the BCTF summer conference to help prepare for the September strike

To contact me:

I am a very proud and dedicated STA member. I am proud of the relationships that the STA and other partner groups maintain in our district. It is these relationships that make this district truly unique. I would like to see this continue.