Perseverance Weekly

by Jeramy Egeland


Perseverance...perseverance was in a local story Kendra and Seth Sorenson defeat a demon and saved their grandparents.

Winston Churchhill Speech

Winston Churchill delivered a wonderful speech on perseverance yesterday one of the lines was ''never give in never give in never never never''
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King persevered and got equal right for African American men and women without him the us would not be an equal or fair place.
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The Chicago Blackhawks persevered last night at game 7 in the finals they won with a striking 2 points 5-3 go Hawks. They had a long fight over all 7 games and had several record overtime games which were exhausting.
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Jackie Robinson's story

Jackie Robinson an underprivileged and abused child grows up to be the first black man in the MLB and won a world series in 1955; he was also a great player and was added to the hall of fame in 1962.
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