The Lost Planet

Rachel Searles

All about The Lost Planet

The lost Planet is a full filled adventures science fiction book.If you are a person who is into science fiction this is the right book for you.The main a character of this book is Chase Garrety. Chase is an orphan with power he dose not even know and he wants to know how he got stuck on plant called Trucon in a invisible fence gate(like a force field) and also wants to know if anybody knows him.He also dose not know if his parents are alive or dead.Inside the force field he finds a house where a 13 year old orphan live with a robot who takes care of him.Once he enters the house the boy finds him and saw that he had a blaster shot at the back of his head which resulted in loosing almost all his memory except for "Guide the star" .Once he was cured by a doctor,the boy(Parker)really wanted to show Trucon's moon and that's where the problem started.Both of them get caught for coming by them selves and then the robot(Mina) had come to save them,but broke down.Then both of them got to the space ship with Mina and fly of toward back to Trucon. Then the doctor who cured Chase wants them to turn back telling them and that's when the whole problem starts and they look out the wind and see the whole planet on fire from one oxygen plant that exploded that can cause the ten hydrogen explosions making the whole planet on fire killing tons of people then .Then they go to the next nearest planet with a soldier from the space army(the only type of military in there solar system)in empty space with an oxygen mask.Once they find out that the man they traveled with was... and as well a mysterious girl who on happens to be....Find out what happens next and how solve this problem and find out how this mysterious girl is related to her in the lost planet and continue chase and Parker's adventures in the stolen moon.
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This is the first book

My recommendation is that you should defiantly read this fun filled adventures book especially if you are science fiction fan.The best part of this book is almost at the end when they find out the mysterious girl is.
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This is the second book


-The lost planet is a Texas bluebonnet award wining book

-The lost plant is a 4.9 star rated book in Barnes&nobles out of 5


-The author of The Lost Planet(Rachel Searles)has been invited to a google ceremony to talk about her book The lost planet to children in California

-From the reviews of any website of this book all reviews say that this is a fantastic book


-If your a person who likes excitements and thriller emotions then this is the perfect book for you filled with thrilling scenes.

-This book has no sad emotions,so if you are a person who dose not like sad emotions you should get this book and read it.

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