Wanted : The Taliban

The Taliban Savage attacks need to STOP!! By: Aaliyah Brown

Wanted Taliban

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Reward: No reward but being proud to save many lives

The Taliban strikes

The Taliban is the destroying the Afghanistan culture. The cruelty has to stop

Stop the innocence killing , stop the public execution, stop the harmful and disgusting Taliban ways.


The Taliban threatens to destroy Pakistan, where they control areas in the north-west and have been blamed for a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks.Many observers now believe that future peace in Afghanistan can only come if the government in Kabul negotiates with the Taliban.


  • Emerged in Afghanistan in 1994
  • Mainly supported by ethnic Pashtuns
  • Toppled after US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001
  • Fugitive leader Mullah Omar wanted, whereabouts unknown

Was the Taliban really saviors or destroyers?

When the Taliban first came to Afghanistan, they were viewed as saviors. “ ‘ When the Taliban rolled in and kicked the Alliance out of Kabul, I actually danced on that street,’ Rahim-Khan said. ‘And, believe me, I wasn't alone. People were celebrating at Chaman, at Deh-Mazang, greeting the Taliban in the streets, climbing their tanks and posing for pictures with them. People were so tired of the constant fighting, tired of the rockets, the gunfire, the explosions, tired of watching Gulbuddin and his cohorts firing on anything that moved.”

(Page. 200).

Farid and the beggar who knew Amir's mother knew explained to Amir why he should never look the Taliban in the eyes. “ ‘They drive around looking. Looking and hoping that someone will provoke them. Sooner or later, someone always obliges. Then the dogs feast and the day’s boredom is broken at last and everyone says ‘Alla-u-akbar!’ And on those days when no one offends, well there is always random violence, isn't there?’ ”

( Page 248).

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The Taliban's promise - in Pushtu areas straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan - was to restore peace and security and enforce their own Islamic law, once in power. In both countries they introduced or supported Islamic punishments - such as public executions of convicted murderers and adulterers and amputations of those found guilty of theft.

Men were required to grow beards and women had to wear the all-covering burka.
Amir also had several experiences with the Taliban. “That was the first time I saw the Taliban. I’d seen them on TV, on the Internet, on the cover of magazines, and in newspapers. But here I was now, less than fifty feet from them, telling myself that the sudden taste in my mouth wasn’t unadulterated, naked fear. Telling myself my flesh hadn't suddenly shrunk against my bones and my heart wasn't battering. Here they came. In all their glory.” It seemed interesting how Amir described them as coming "In all their glory." It seemed as if he was describing them as they had first come Afghanistan.

(Page 2470

Taliban Rules

Absolutely no:




Kite flying


Public laughing, shouting or clapping at outside events.

New Year, Labor Day and wedding celebrations.

Women must not ;

Gain an education.

Have employment.

Leave home without permission of father or husband.

Walk outside without being accompanied by a male family member.

Wear make up.

Wear perfume.

Laugh in public.

Have their photograph taken.

Wear shoes with ' clicking ' heels.

Talk to males unless they are relatives, including in their own homes.

Ride in taxis.

Ride bicycles.

Men must ;

Cut short their hair.

Grow long their beards.

Wear Islamic clothing.

Wear the Islamic turban or Islamic cap.

Not indulge in homosexual practices.

Taliban Wanted

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