The Counselor's Corner

Welcome Back!

What Do Counselors Do All Day?

Hello Parents!

I am here to be a resource for ALL parents and students at St. Timothy's! I can help you with the normal developmental changes and challenges that arise during the elementary and middle school years. Consider:

  • Does your child struggle with organization and homework completion?
  • Does your child need help learning how to handle changing friendships or how to be more assertive?
  • How about your middle-schooler? Would he/she benefit from learning strategies for peer refusal or better ways to communicate with family and friends?
  • Do you have concerns about your child’s behavior at school or at home?

I am here to help!

How can I help?

Student Services:

Individual Sessions:

  • We meet during the day for a brief amount of time and use techniques like drawing, journaling, or games to explore your child's concerns
  • We will focus on his/her strengths and learn and practice coping skills like deep breathing or assertive communication
  • We can talk about normal, developmental issues like changing friendships or feelings of stress
  • We can also explore ways to cope with difficult life transitions like divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Group Counseling Sessions:

  • These structured groups require parent permission and focus on a specific skill like Study Skills or Anti-Bullying Strategies.
  • We meet during the day for about 30 minutes on a rotating schedule for about 7 weeks.
  • In groups, students also develop their self-confidence, learn problem solving skills and meet new friends!

School Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons:

  • Classroom lessons are based on National, State, and Diocesan Standards.
  • I visit in each class about twice a month in grades 1-5 and team-teach in the middle school technology electives once a quarter.
  • In the 1st quarter, elementary students will learn strategies for academic success and begin to learn anti-bullying techniques. Middle school lessons will focus on career exploration, goal setting, educational attainment options, and preparing for high school.

I also coordinate our anti-bullying efforts, facilitate the mentoring program and provide support and assistance to our teachers.

What's happening in 2015?

A look at our upcoming events and activities!

Career and College Readiness

We are thrilled to host our 2nd annual Career Day on March 8, 2016. If you are interested in volunteering as a presenter, please let me know!

Group Counseling Options

Our fall groups will focus on Skills for Academic Success. Sign ups will begin in early September. The winter groups will begin in February and focus on social/emotional development. Middle school support groups will continue throughout the year.

Our Virtues of the Month

As part of our efforts to encourage positive, respectful behaviors and friendships will focus on a new virtue each month during our class meetings.

September: Respect

October: Understanding

November: Compassion

December: Generosity

January: Kindness

February: Integrity

March: Loyalty

April: Fortitude

May: Honesty

Stay in Touch!
I will continue to use the app Remind to inform you of upcoming events, due dates for groups, and important information regarding the counseling program. This is a free, completely private service! To sign up for these helpful reminders, please text the code “@stti” to this number: 703-687-9236 or or visit this site: You can also use these printable instructions

Please visit my new website to stay up to date on all the counseling activities and find helpful parenting resources.

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But wait, there's more! Counselors help parents, too!

1. Consultations: I can join you for your parent/teacher conferences or, with your permission, consult with outside professionals like pediatricians or therapists to ensure your child's needs are met in the school setting.

2. Resources and Reference Info: Do you have a parenting question? I might have an answer! But, if I don't, I have websites and books to help. Click here for the list of Parent Lending Library books that are available for check out.

3. Referrals: Perhaps your child needs more support than I can provide in the school setting. I have referral information for therapists, psychologists, testing services, and counseling groups that are better suited to serve your child's' needs.

We will work as a team to develop and implement strategies to address the individual needs of your child. To learn more about how we can work together this year, please read this helpful article from the American School Counselor Association. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns!

Our Mission

St. Timothy Catholic School Counseling Program’s mission is to assist students with their academic and social/emotional needs, explore their future aspirations, promote their spiritual growth, and encourage service to others with an individualized, child-centered approach that is rooted in the Catholic faith and honors the dignity of each child. The program's services focus on students' strengths and abilities and are designed to remove the barriers to academic achievement and promote student success.