Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

October 28th through Novemeber 1st

Weekly Update

Wow! We made it through this crazy week! I don't know about you all, but I am exhausted. We had a blast on Halloween!! Thank you Room Mothers for putting together a fabulous and memorable Halloween party!! The highlight was wrapping each other up like mummies and the delicious treats. I am sure you all had a great time trick or treating last night. The students all looked angelic this morning as little saints. The mass was beautiful and the students were all so well behaved. St. Raphael must be shining down on us today. Even though we have been so busy with all of the festivities, we have still been working hard on our academics. I have been using the Fry Sight Word list with the students almost daily. We are focusing on list one and list two. When a student is able to read the list perfectly to me, their name is written down on our special chart paper and they receive an edible reward for their hard work. Please practice these words at home with your little critter. They are very excited to earn the reward and to have their name on the list. We have been spending more time working in our work books in all of the subjects. This helps the students with following directions. Something that they need a little more practice with is being able to open the book to the correct page without turning each page one by one. This was fine when we were working on page 10, but we are now in the 50s and 60s and the students struggle with finding the correct page in a timely manner. We are practicing this at school too.

Housekeeping :)

I am sending home a slip of paper today that has your conference time on it. Please be punctual to your conference. I will try to stick to the schedule as closely as possible. I appreciate your understanding. I will have treats for you all :)

Please read all of the attachments from the office. I know it seems like one more step, but there is crucial information in the attachments.

*Lunch* (this is important) The students have only about 20 minutes for lunch each day. I eat with the students even though I don't have to so I can be of assistance to them. It is very difficult for them to open some of the packaging and to eat in time. Please cut up all foods that can be cut (apples, other fruits, vegetables). Also, please pre-peel these items (oranges, bananas). Please also cut sandwiches into smaller sizes. Into halves or fourths would be best. I know it might seem silly, but the students get too interested in talking and then they don't have time to eat and before we know it, lunch is almost over and their food items aren't open. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

News from Art! Your child is bringing home an order form today. You are able to order some items with your child's artwork on them! They are totally adorable and will make great Christmas gifts!! Mrs. Walsh is trying to earn money for new cabinets in the art room and the proceeds from this will benefit her. I know we all love her and the wonderful creations the students make in her class!

We are going to have a normal week next week! No dressing up :) Have a great weekend!!