towards independence

my opinion

I would support the patriots. I think that the colonists were being treated poorly, and unfairly. They were being taxed without representation and their rights were violated. a revolution was the only way those problems would be solved in the near future.

the proclamation of 1763

In 1763 the british government faced several problems after the french and indian war, one of these being how to keep the colonists and the indians from killing each other. King George the third suggested that they simply draw a line down the crest of the appalachian mountains that the colonists could not pass. This outraged the colonists because they could not expand to the west. Not only that but farmers could not find any more farm land unless they went over the mountains. Despite all this the proclamation was too late, settlers had already went past the proclamation line

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the stamp act

another problem the British government faced after the french and indian war was the large debt it caused. To prime minister George Grenville the solution was simple, tax the colonists more. He proposed an act that required the colonists to buy a stamp for piece of paper they used. The colonists were outraged, they considered it as a violation to their rights as british citizens. As a result they protested buy not buying paper and burning tax collectors homes. After months of protest the stamp act was repealed

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the quarting act

one law passed in 1765 was the quartering act. This law ordered colonial assemblies to provide housing for british soldiers. They were also told to furnish the soldiers with candles, firing, bedding, cooking utensils, salt, vinegar, and beer. But providing for the soldiers cost money, and the colonists were enraged. Colonists in new jersey stated that this was as much an Act for laying taxes on the colonists as the Stamp Act. In 1767 the new york assembly decided not to approve any funds for salt, vinegar and liquor for the troops. The british government reacted to this by not letting that assembly meet until they complied with the quartering act. This act only resulted in rising tempers on both sides.

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