#MichED Community Chat 12/16/15

Supporting New and Pre-Service Teachers

Our moderators this evening are Jeff Bush (@bushjms) and Joe Rommel (@jrommel)

You voted #miched and here is the result! We want to talk about supporting new and preservice teachers. Here are your questions for this evening:

  1. What systems does your district have in place to support new teachers?

  2. What systems of support exist for new Ts outside of their own building / district - where should a young struggling to for support?

  3. How do we make new teachers feel comfortable asking for help?

  4. How can veteran teachers learn from mentoring new teachers?

  5. How can individual teachers, a building, or school help new teachers feel connected to a community?

*Bonus* -

Do you have any advice or guidance for teachers specific to the days leading up to extended breaks?

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.