My New Years Resolution!

Two Books Goal

For 2016, I want to read 2 books. They are called, The Long Hall and Because of Mr.Terupt.

One Goal for 2016

1 goal for 2016 is join the football team as a Rookie for starters.

Six Ways Helping the Community!

6 ways to improve my community by making money so my parents don't need to buy my clothes, shoes, and pants. Another way is having a block party for the kids in the block. I can help Simmons Middle School by giving them school supplies for the students. Another one is helping the neighborhood with shoveling the snow this month of January. My fifth way, helping people cross the streets. For my final way is feeding people with free food.

One Bad Habit I Wan't To Stop!

One bad habit i wan't to stop is not taking my devices. I wan't to take care of my devices because my dad says. Its not good having your iPad without a case.