Christian Monroe's Bucket List

Best place to go bungee jumping

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Kawarau Bridge

The kawarau bridge is the biggest place to go bungee jumping. It is located in Queenstown Kawarau. The erosion acted upon the landform is running water which is physical.I would go with my family.
Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump, Queenstown - Living a Kiwi Life - Ep. 15
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Mammoth Mountain

I want to go snowboarding. The Mammoth Mountain is ranked for the best place to go snowboarding. It is in California. The snow is constantly getting rode on so it is breaking up. It is a physical erosion.
HOT LAPS at Mammoth Mountain 2015 Episode 1 - TransWorld SNOWboarding
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Rio De Janeiro

I want to go to Rio De Janeiro. It is the best place to go hang gliding. It is in Brazil.The wearthing happening is the water breaking up the sand which is physical.
Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Asa Delta no Rio de Janeiro
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Fox Glacier

It is voted as the best place to go skydiving.It is located in New Zealand. The weathering is the snow breaking down the rocks which is physical.
Skydive Fox Glacier
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Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is the best place to go scuba diving. It is at Costa Rica. I would go with my family and my cousin. The weathering happening here is the water breaking down the rocks a physical weathering.
Scuba Dive Belize with ReefCi based in Punta Gorda