The Story of the Rock Cycle

A rocks transformation!

The Metamorphic Rock

Once there was a Metamorphic rock named Gneiss. Gneiss had always wanted to go on many adventures but never did, so today he decided he was going to go on his first adventure! He decided to go deep into the ground were he then started to turn into Magma. He found himself deep in the center of the earth and the next thing he knew he was erupting out of a volcano and started cooling off very quickly! Before he knew it Gneiss turned into a Igneous rock.

The Igneous Rock

Sense Gneiss was a new rock he decided to give himself a new name, he liked the name Obsidia so that was his new name. After he cooled onto the volcano side it started to rain and got very windy, then from weathering and erosion he fell off the volcano and turned to sediment. He got compacted and cemented together with other sediment and turned into a Sedimentary rock.

The Sedimentary Rock

He was a whole new rock and decided to change his name yet again this time to sandstone. He ended up being pushed down into the ground by pressure and heat that felt like lava! From there he turned into a metamorphic rock yet again and decided that he would be called by Gneiss again, and he was proud to say that that adventure was the best adventure he had ever taken and when do it over and over again!

By: Jamie Kaminski