Dave Pelzer's "The Lost Boy"

The inspiring sequel to the bestseller "A Child Called it"

A virtual adventure threw the life and events of Dave Pelzer's "The Lost Boy"

The home of Dave Pelzer

Visit the home of the Dave Pelzer and see...

  • The steps Dave was forced to sit on night after night in the prisoner of war position and listen to his "family" laugh and tell stories about there eventful day at the dinner table.
  • The wood army cot Dave was given to sleep on in the cold wet basement. The cot he cried on, bled on, spent restless nights of aching hunger on, and the cot that made Dave resent his mother the more and more he used it.
  • The kitchen where Dave's mother sometimes gave him table scraps to eat out of the dog dish. The kitchen where Mrs. Pelzer told Dave, her son, It, that she hated him and told him to leave HER house and never come back.


Q: Dave, How did it feel to be excluded form diner every night and only expected to come upstairs to pick up the dishes?

A: Well, It felt like I was a worthless dog, a slave to the family, MY family. It felt like there was no escape from my endless routine of sleep, work, hit, repeat.

Q; How did you feel when your own mother told you to get out, to just leave, out into a a big city?

A: It all happened so fast I was not sure how to react to her statement. I had been enclosed and empresoned by the white cement walls of the basement for so long I was taken back when she basically handed my freedom that I so longed for.

Q; Did you take the freedom?

A; I did. after a second or two of pondering if I should leave my home or not, I stepped threw the door and into the best choice I have ever made.