Social Groups

The social groups in America during the Cold War


Social groups began to change drastically in America during the time of the Cold War. During the 1940´s and 1960´s, families began to change. This kind of change was visible throughout all of America.

Baby Boom

During the 1940´s and into the 1960´s, America experienced a baby boom. Because soliders were returning home from World War II, married couples could now begin families and start a new life together. Things picked up in 1957 when an infant was born every 7 seconds.

Leaving the Reservations

During the time of the Cold War, Native Americans began to leave their own lands, or reservations, in hops of finding work. Life was roaring during this time period and everything seemed to be fairly good. People who were previously unemployed could now have the chance to find work and get a job. This kind of hope lead Native Americans to want to pursue this way of life and to be successful as well.

Cause and Outcome

Families in America began to change and people were able to settle down and live the ¨American Dream¨ This caused more families to have babies causing the population to increase dramatically. As a result, life became more busy and there was a lot more offered to those who lived in America.

As Native Americans left their reservations, it was a sign that more people wanted to be successful and take part in the exciting new life in America. Despite their differences in culture, Native Americans wanted to take advantage of the success America was experiencing. As a result, it lead more Native Americans to leave their lands and transition into a new culture they weren't familiar with.


The significance in the change of families and social groups, gave a new outlook to America. People could now settle down and start families that they've always desired. It allowed Americans to chase after what they thought was the ¨American Dream¨. With all the desire to fulfill want they've always wanted, it also effected different parts of American culture.

The change in lifestyles not only affected Americans but it changed how things were manufactured. With new changes, companies now had to adapt and make things that would fit the new needs of Americans.