PK3.3 - Peek at the week

10th - 14th October

Thank you!

A big thank you for making time to come to Parent Conferences this week. It was wonderful to see you all again and discuss how much your children have been learning and growing in PK3. Please remember if you have any questions or concerns I am just an email away.

Hello PK3.3 parents!

Time is rolling by so quickly here in PK3! We are almost at the end of our Ball Study Unit but the fun of learning still continues. Our morning conversations are becoming more complex as the children recall and apply their knowledge to our daily questions, such as “Can you make your body into a ball?” Our experiments are also becoming more interesting!

This week we learnt about force and velocity as we experimented with a wrecking ball. It was great to hear the children talking about how they could pull the ball back higher to make it go faster and hit harder.

We also went on a Sphere Hunt around school, taking our camera and clipboards to record what ball shaped items we spotted. Take a look below to see what we found! Encourage your children to look around your home and social area and see how many different sphere shaped items they can find. Ask them draw a picture of their findings and bring it to share with the class next week.

Have a great weekend,

PK Team


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International Day - Wednesday 19th October

  • Students should come wearing either National Costume or colors of their country flag.
  • We invite parents and extended family to join us from 10am as PK3 & PK4 have their own International Parade around school before sitting to watch the rest of Elementary parade at 10:30am.
  • At 11am we will have a cultural food celebration in our classroom to share typical food or beverages from our countries.

We look forward to welcoming you to share in this special day.

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Happy Birthday Ruth!

Join us as we wish Ruth a wonferful 4th Birthday! Thak you for sharing such yummy birthday cakes with us!!


Armed with clip boards, crayons and lots of enthusiasm we went on a hunt around school to look for spheres and circles. As the children beacame accustomed to looking for circles they also beagan to point out other shapes they could see as we walked....squares, triangles and rectangles! Shapes ae all around us...look out for them when you are out and about togehter.
Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt





Hello To All The Children Of The World

Look at what else we have been doing.......