appropriate digital citizenship

through safe, ethical, and legal use of technology

tips for appropriate digital citizenship

  • Fifty-one percent of 16 year olds share their age/birth date with others
  • Seventeen percent of teens keep their social network sites public and 19 percent only have some privacy settings enabled
  • Twenty-nine percent of kids between five and 11 years old believe they are anonymous online
  • Only a little over 50 percent of children age nine to 12 know how to block unwanted messages
  • Nine percent of nine year olds share their email passwords and 24 percent of 18 year olds do the same
  • Seventeen percent of male and 23 percent of female users would share inappropriate pictures online

DONT DO ANY OF THESE EXAMPLES!!!! you are putting yourself , as well as others , in DANGER


Students recognize and practice responsible and appropriate use while accessing, using, collaborating, and creating technology, technology systems, digital media and information technology. Students demonstrate an understanding of current ethical and legal standards, rights and restrictions governing technology, technology systems, digital media and information technology within the context of today’s society

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