Keyboarding Summer Camp

8 weeks to learn speed and accuracy!

The Importance of Keyboarding

Learning the typewriter keyboard by touch was a middle-school requirement many years ago. Today, as early as elementary school, keyboarding skills are essential for technology-dependent, learning environments. Without any prior keyboard instruction, many children develop poor fingering habits that may interfere with their daily learning experience.

IQuest Keyboarding Class will provide:

  • Fundamental typing skills instruction using the QWERTY keyboard on a laptop
  • Proper keyboard finger placement will be emphasized
  • The level of speed and accuracy will depend on the amount of time each individual child chooses to practice
  • All students will learn the same exercises, practicing at their own pace
  • The instructor will keep a progress report on each child with instruction for each segment
  • Students are timed while they practice on their own
  • Short breaks are allowed during the hour

Students will practice touch typing on a laptop provided by IQuest but may choose to bring their own if they wish. All sessions are supervised and self-paced.

Class will meet for 2 hours each week. Tuition: $195 for 10 sessions. Students have 8 weeks to complete the course.

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