Ottawa Area ISD Self-Care Resources

In support of educators' health and wellness needs

Mental Health Awareness

At the Ottawa Area ISD, we believe that self-care involves caring for your own health but also creating health promoting environments within your school. The first portion of this newsletter will focus on educators and administrators to help create a culture of trust and respect among themselves. The second portion will focus on students and helping them to improve their well-being.

Self-Care for Adults

The Research

2020 Teachers of the Year on practicing self care

Adult Assessment

Educator Compassion Fatigue Assessment and Self-Care

Professional Quality of Life Measure- the most commonly used measure of the negative and positive effects of helping others who experience suffering and trauma (available in multiple languages) Resources for Self -Care - from PRoQOL

Adult Wellness Screener -seven page comprehensive wellness screener

Self Care Assessment and Planning Worksheet -one page assessment and self care planner

Ideas for Educators

50 Self-Care Ideas for Teachers - The Counseling Teacher

The Zen Teacher

Living S.L.O.W. - Supports the self-care and wellbeing of educators

Self-Care for Student Support Professionals - Trails

5 Strategies for Teacher Self-Care - ASCD

Self-Care for Educators - NCTSN

Self-Care Videos - Dr. Stephanie Grant

Monthly Calendar Self Care Ideas -Many ideas for self-care

The Importance of Self-Care for Administrators - Edutopia

Stay-Well - Support for Teachers and Staff through Webinars

Mindfulness for District Leaders: Resource Pack - Panorama Education

Recommended Apps for Self-Care

Top 10 List for Administrators

  1. Gratitude Jar

  2. Staff "Walk and Talk" during meeting

  3. Start meetings with a short mindfulness activity - Have different staff lead it each meeting.

  4. Self-Care BINGO - Staff “compete” and win a prize for a completed board.

  5. Start a “Staff Meeting Playlist” of songs that are chosen by your staff to start your meetings.

  6. Read or lead a book club on the book, “Burnout

  7. Book study on the book, “180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators.

  8. Have staff develop their own ideas for self-care - “22 for 2022”

  9. Volunteer activity as a group suggested by staff

  10. Have staff write each other notes of encouragement

MDE Social-Emotional Learning Resources

MDE's webpage includes information on the importance of SEL in our schools and resources to accommodate student and educator needs.

Opportunity Thrive

Their mission is to create opportunities for you to thrive in work and life. They use the latest pedagogical, coaching, and mindfulness techniques to grow resilient, emotionally strong, and high capacity educators.
Trails Self-Care Resources

A toolkit of materials and resources to help students develop self-awareness and independent self-care strategies. This section contains handouts, worksheets, activities, and multimedia.

Self-Care for Students

Kid President's 25 Reasons to be Thankful!

Classroom Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube videos

Yoga for the Classroom - Yoga with Adriene

From A to Zen (Grades 3-5 Scholastic)

Yoga for Stress Relief (24:19 mins) Ages 9-10

Yoga in the Classroom: Middle School Standing Balance (5:10 mins) Follow DCSD Wellness on YoutTube for more MS videos

58 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses for Kids (printable posters)

40 Kid-Friendly Chair Yoga Poses

Big picture

Family Involvement

Need Additional Support?

Taking care of your mental health needs is very important, especially right now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit the Ottawa County Department of Public Health's website for more information (includes Allegan county's resource flyer).