Harry Potter: The Philosopher Stone


Type Of Book

- Fiction


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-Harry Potter

-Ron Weasley

-Hermione Granger

-Severus Snape

-Rubeus Hagrid

-Albus Dumbledore


Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy like every he knows was. One day a strange man called Hagrid came to Harry and sad"You are a wizard Harry!" once Harry knew he was a wizard and he need's to go to a school called"Hogwarts". Harry wonders how would the rest of his life might go. When Harry is at Hogwarts he meets two friend named Ron and Hermione he discovered a stone called the"Philosopher Stone" and it is about to get stolen. Will Harry and his friend stop the thief from stealing the Philosopher Stone?
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My Favourite And Part

My favorite part is when the glass on the snake house vanish, because it is funny how Harry's cousin fell in and unable to get out.
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I would rate this book 5\5 'cause it was very interesting.