Teach Me!

It will be fun!

There are several aspects of the theatre

You will choose one aspect of technical theatre below and then create a presentation in which you will share with us everything you learned about your aspect of the theatre.

You will use the following:

Here is the link to the National Theatre's website, which is a place for you to start your research. You can use any additional resources as well.


The different aspects are as follows:

You will create a Prezi PowerPoint, or other presentation that covers the following:

1. First Section: Define and Explain what your design aspect is.--5 points

2. Second Section: What education does someone need to get a job in your technical area?--5 points

3. Third Section: What type of jobs are available for someone in your technical area?--5points

4. Fourth Section: Is this design area something you would be interested in? Why or why not? EXPLAIN IN DETAIL.--5 points

5. Fifth Section: Video/videos with further explanation about your technical area.--5 points

6. Sixth Section: Works Cited Page--10 points