Miss Maudie

By: Will Hemenger & Ora De Leon

Miss Maudie's opinion

Miss Maudie's opinion of the Radleys is that they are extremely religious. "Everything that is pleasure is a sin." That piece of evidence is showing that she thinks they are "foot washing" baptist. "They said I spend to much time outside and I need to be inside reading the bible more." This shows that they are extremely religious because they read the bible a lot. No one really likes the Radleys. They are to religious and crazy to be like able.

Why author included miss Maudie as main character

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The author included Miss Maudie as a main character because she is like a mentor to scout. Miss Maudie is nice, respectful, and caring, those are a few reasons that Miss Maudie is a main character. "She called us by our name." That evidence is stating that she is respectful. "She baked us a cake." By miss Maudie doing that it shows that she is nice and caring. The kids liked her a lot and that's why she was a main character !