North Central Plains Of Texas

By:Diego Gonzalez

North Central Plains

The North Central Plains has some trees and they also are rebuilding the longhorn and bison population. The North Central Plains also has a good amount of rain fall, there is lots of grasslands, oil, brush, and natural gas. The big industries are oil and natural gas as well as logging.

Major City: Dallas

Dallas is located east of Fort Worth. Dallas was founded in April 1842 by Bryan Neely Bryan, it was originally a trading post, but when the trading post started losing business he made it into a town and invited many people to make the population grow. The first person to join the town was John Beeman a corn farmer. It currently has a population of 2,453,843 people.

Nation Park

Possum Kingdom Park is located west of Dallas. It was aquired from the Brazos River Authority in 1940. It was later opened to the public in 1950. Its 1528.7 acres is full of rolling hills cabins and a lake but most of the shoreline is cliffs.

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