The world in Egypt

By Elia kloiber

Country basic

My country is Egypt

The capital is Cairo

And the history behind the flag is...

There is 3 horizontal stripes that are red white and black with a gold eagle that represents strangth


Egypt is on the African continent

There is lots of sand dunes the Nile river and Red Sea. There is also ancient Egypt pyramids

The Nile river and Red Sea is the only thing that effects Egyptians

Government economy and climate

Culture and history

The girls were dresses and loose fitting gowns

The boys were jeans and t-shirts

There religion is mostly Muslim but some are Christians

They usually eat bread beff onions And beans


Egypt found out that the Nile goes through out Egypt and how it helps to get water and and grow plants

Compar and contrast

The language is completely different in Egypt they speak Arabic and we speak English

They also have very limited food unlike us