Technology Rules For Parents

By Vicky Gill

Social Websites

Be sensitive about what you write/post. If one day you post a picture of something you shouldn't have and the next day you want to take it down, you're too late! By now hundreds of people could have already seen and saved that photo. The solution: don't post bad things in the first place. Also, don't post personal things like your address, phone number, or postal code.

See "Is It Really Gone?" for more information on inappropriate posts and how to prevent them.


Never, ever leave your webcam running or angled straight. You are visually opening up your private world to others. When your webcam is on, it's light is supposed to come on with it. With today's technology, people can turn on your webcam without the light turning on with it. Inappropriate footage can be collected without your permission. It may later be used to coerce or blackmail you.


Cyber-Bullying hurts just as much as physical bullying. Cyber-Bullying is not, "your shoes are so ugly" or "I hate your purse". Cyber-Bullying is when one person is being threatened or intimidated online or through social media. In the past few years, the amount of reported cyber-bullying incidents have sky-rocketed. Below is the Amanda Todd video. This is just one of many people to take their life because of cyber-bullying.

For more Information on Amanda Todd visit:

Amanda Todd's Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Harm