Steubing Ranch - PE Power

Lessons and Expectations

Hey there Spurs. We are going into week 4 and have enjoyed seeing and hearing from you. Please remember that in order to give you a PE grade for the week, we need to hear or see from you at least once a week. You have three ways to reach us; Google classroom, Seesaw, or email. Take advantage of the weather and get outside and play. Don't forget to practice social distancing and have your parents permission first. As promised, there are some new videos and activities added this week. The expectation is that you set aside at least 25 minutes a day to get your heart rate up. We can't wait to see or hear from you. Happy Exercising!! Love, Coach Micklos ( and Coach Puhl (

Zumba Videos

* NEW Azukita Zumba

Minion Zumba

I Like to Move it Zumba

Dance Party Zumba

Las Gatitas Core Zumba

Drop it Low Zumba

HIIT Training : TABATA

* NEW Super Mario Fitness Challenge TABATA

Avengers TABATA

Fortnite Fitness TABATA

Justice League TABATA

Black Panther TABATA

Star Wars TABATA

Harry Potter TABATA


* NEW Frozen dance class Video

* NEW Taylor Swift Shake it off Video

*NEW African Dance - Around the Clock Video

*NEW Go Noodle: Bye Bye Bye Video

Kidz Bop dance along Video

Old School 10 Mins Dance Video

Go Noodle Dance Video

Baby Shark Dance Video

Dance Fever Video

El Baile Video


* NEW Would You Rather Workout

* NEW Would You Rather #2 Workout

* NEW Would You Rather #3 Workout

Beachbody Kids Workouts

Les Mills - Move like the Avengers Workout

Kids 25 Min Workout

Circuit Training Workout


Cosmic Kids Yoga - Frozen

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Dogs

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Trolls

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Pokeman


* NEW Check out the following free apps on your smart devices

* Sworkit kids - TABATA for kids

* Lazy Monster; Abs Challenge -Free version. Orange monster doing exercises.

* NEW Speed Stack Instructional Video

* NEW Speed Stack 3-3-3 Video

* NEW Speed Stack 3-6-3 Video

* NEW Slam Ball Video

* NEW Underhand Rolling Game Video

* NEW Underhand Toss at Target Game Video

* NEW Conflict Resolution Video

Cup Song Activity Video

Cup Song Breakdown Video

April ( Drop Everything and Move) Activity Calendar

At home game activities link

March Drop Everything and Move Calendar

Challenge Mat link

Hygiene - The importance of handwashing

* NEW How Washing Hands Stops the Corona Virus Video

How germs spread

Germ Smart Kids

Brush Your Teeth

What is a Virus?

Big picture