Falcon Flyer

Weekly Notes for Staff May 17-31, 2016

Teaching and Learning the Falcon Way

Hurst Hills Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: We’re the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Mission: As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and challenging myself to reach my goals.

Core Values

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others



2 Katelyn Lammons- First Grade

15 Mariam Abdo - Cafeteria

17 Jana Chaney - Third Grade

18 Damon Williams - PE

21 Kellie Marriott - Instructional Resource

23 Dee Hunt - Counselor

26 Jean Goodwin - CKPK

29 Valerie Sellers - Music


2 Lindsey Teague - First Grade

9 Robert Coleman - FACI

22 Maegan Winters - Cafeteria

30 Ginger Bihm - GT


4 Judy Willis - Third Grade

6 Erica White - Third Grade

14 Kate Feuge - Kindergarten

30 LeeAnn Lundgren- Sixth Grade

Important Dates


  • 5/18 Falcon Choir Field Trip to NRH2O
  • 5/18 Final Grades for Report Cards Due
  • 5/19 Field Day PK-2/ 12-2:30 PM
  • 5/20 Field Day 3-6/ 8:30-2:30
  • 5/20 Sixth Grade EOY Party
  • 5/23 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 3:30-5:00 PM
  • 5/23 Summer School and Retention paperwork due to Beth's office
  • 5/24 Talent Show 1:00-2:30 pm in cafeteria and 7:00-8:00 PM in cafeteria
  • 5/25 Last Day of School - Noon Dismissal
  • 5/25 Final Report Cards Go Home at noon


  • 6/1 Denae's Retirement Celebration at 1:30
  • 6/2 Kinder Conscious Discipline training
  • 6/9 District Special Education Blitz Training


  • 7/11-8/2 Online Registration Window
  • 7/18 Office Staff and Admin return to work
  • 7/27 Returning Student Registration (Opportunity 1) 2:00-7:00 PM in cafeteria


  • 8/2: Returning Student Registration (Opportunity 2) 8:00 am-5:00 pm in cafeteria
  • 8/3: New Student Registration 2:00 pm-7:00 pm in cafeteria
  • 8/10-11 Late Registration
  • 8/11 Return to Work!
  • 8/12 Convocation and Staff Pictures
  • 8/15 District Professional Development
  • 8/16-17 Campus Professional Development
  • 8/18-19 Campus WorkDays
  • 8/18: Meet the Teacher Night 5:30-6:30 PM
  • 8/19: PTA Back to School Swim Social at Bedford Splash! 7:30 pm
  • 8/22: First Day of School! The school day begins at 7:50 this year!!

Please let me know if you need anything added or see a mistake. Check back often for changes.

End of Year Checklist

Laurie placed your EOY checklist in the boxes on Tuesday May 17. Once each section is completed and signed, please turn your checklist in with the copy of your registration for August PD to Laurie. If you are not sure what PD to attend, please register for the courses that match what you are teaching this year. We can go in and change it if your assignment changes.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 5/18 Beth to District Principal's Meeting
  • 5/19 Staff Mtg. in Art Room
  • 5/25 Beth off campus for district meeting in PM
  • 5/26 Staff Workday
  • 5/31 Staff CI Day
  • 6/1 Staff CI Day


Pre-K - May 19 @ 11:00 in classroom

Kinder - May 17 @ 1:30 in cafeteria

First - May 17 @ 8:45 in classrooms

Second - May 23 @ 1:30 in classrooms

Third - May 24 @ 8:30 in cafeteria

Fourth - May 23 @ 8:30 in cafeteria

Fifth - May 23 @ 1:30 in cafeteria

Sixth - May 25 @ 8:15 in cafeteria

Double check dates, times and locations please!

Staff to Staff Kudos!

Congratulations to Jennifer Yarber from completing her Language Therapist Certification at Scottish Rite!

You Matter forms are in the teacher workroom. Recognize your peers on the wall in the lounge!

I know that you all observe staff members going above and beyond on a daily basis to support students, fellow staff members, and the overall success of Hurst Hills. Please send in Kudos as you see them so that staff can be recognized for the things they do from day to day that make a difference. I would also love to share personal celebrations! Email your recognition to Beth by Friday to be added to the weekly notes!!

Open! Open! Open!

The building will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9-5. Remember to look for the smiley face on the door so you know you can enter. Please sign in and out in the office.

Special Education Blitz

Thursday, June 9th, 8am

1849 Central Drive

Bedford, TX

Special Education Training for All Teachers Including General Education and Special Education Staff

Multiple sessions will be offered to help general and special education teachers with academic and behavioral strategies for students with disabilities.


Co-Teaching Behavior Strategies


Specially Designed Instruction



Video modeling Specific Learning Disabilities

End of Year Work Days

Because make-up days for inclement weather were not required this school year, the following adjustments are effective immediately:

Thursday, 5/26 - Regular Work Day (Moved from Saturday 5/28) EOY Checklist Due to Laurie Moss by 2:00. Restricted for Personal Leave

Friday, 5/27 - Non Work Day: Staff Off

Saturday, 5/28 - Non Work Day: Staff Off

Monday, 5/30 - Memorial Day Holiday: Staff Off

Tuesday, 5/31 - Campus CI Day 1: Restricted for Personal Leave

Wednesday, 6/1 - Campus CI Day 2: Last Day for 187 day staff : Restricted for Personal Leave

* Casual Attire is appropriate on these days.