4th Grade News at JCT

Week of September 7 - September 11

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are due September 14. Building your child's own personal library is one way to promote literacy in your home. Our class order code is MNWXB.

A Peek at Our Week


This week students are learning strategies to expand their vocabulary. They will tune into interesting words while they're reading and use their schema and context clues to predict word meanings.


This week students are expanding their knowledge of the homphones there, their, and they're, and to, two, and too. Students will also review the structure of a simple sentence.


This week we are learning to read and write six digit numbers. Look for the Module 1 newsletter that came home today for information on strategies the students are learning and ways to help at home.


This week students are discovering multiple purposes for writing. They are also reviewing the writing process.


This week we are continuing our investigation of mass.

Social Studies

This week we are beginning a probe into Texas symbols and landmarks.

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 11 Grandparent's Day

Friday, September 11 Patriot's Day (wear red, white, and blue)

Tuesday, Spetember 15 Big Kahuna Fundraiser Ends

Monday, September 19 Annual Run in the Dark Community Event to raise money for the Community Storehouse

Week of October 5, Parent/Teacher conferences begin

Mooneyham & Chambers Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up

Follow this link to sign up now for a fall conference.

Reich & Macheca Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up

Follow this link to sign up now for a fall conference.

Parent Communication Folders

Parent communication folders are being sent home each night. They will be a daily communication tool between you and your child's teachers. The folders must be signed each evening and return with the student every day to school. We will communicate both positive and negative choices made by the student, and this record will help to determine the behavior grades on each six weeks report card. The calendar in there also lists upcoming events during this six weeks. Work that needs to be completed, as well as graded work will be sent home using this folder. Thank you in advance for helping to establish a routine with your child where they can talk to you daily about their learning. It is so important for kids to know that their parents value their education and are willing to take an active part in it. Signing the folders is one small way to show your child that you will take the time out of your day to ensure that they are being successful at school. If it is important to you, it will become important to them.

Changes in Dismissal

PLEASE email the front office and your child's homeroom teacher should you have a change in how your child will go home. Ride changes must be made in writing, either in a note sent with the student, or in an email. Requests must be made prior to 2:00pm in order to ensure that it is properly communicated. Your child's safety is of our utmost concern.


Each day we will have a time set aside for the students to eat a small snack as they work. This must be a snack they can eat without utensils or making a mess, and it must be of high nutritional value so students are provided with the nourishment they need to focus and be successful. Some examples of acceptable choices are listed below.

-Pretzels -Goldfish -Animal crackers -Graham crackers -Raisins -Fresh fruit

-Wheat crackers -Rice cakes -Dry cereal-Bagels -Fig bars -Vanilla Wafers

-Vegetable snacks -Fruit snacks -Crackers -Corn on the cob-Fat-free popcorn

-Low fat string cheese

Snacks that do not meet the above criteria will not be allowed.

Happy Birthday

We love birthdays and look forward to the opportunity to celebrate your child's special day at school. When planning to bring in a treat to share with the class for birthdays and other school functions, they must be store bought with the ingredients listed. We also ask that you notify your child's homeroom teacher 48 hours in advance, so an opportunity exists for parents to provide an alternative snack choice for thier student(s) who may have special dietary needs or restircitions. We want everyone to be part of the celebration. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

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Big Kahuna Fundraiser

Today, we kicked off our Big Kahuna Fundraiser! Students will bring their brochure and collection envelopes home today or tomorrow. Order forms and money must be turned into school by Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Help your student turn this into a learning experience by setting a goal and creating a plan of action to achieve it. Thank you for your participation in this funudraiser.