"Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears."

Who am I?


I value my religion (Christianity), freedom, responsiblity, having a family, and having friendships.


My main skills involve music (piano, singing, other musical instruments), math, science, and reading.


I am a musical learner. I turn things I need to remember into ryhmes or tunes, and it'll stay in my head. I can't remember cold, hard facts, but I can remember songs and ryhmes. I learn by music.


I have a well balanced, realistic sense of self-esteem.


I am very interested in music, science, and I like to know how things work, so things like mechanics and tools have always interested me.

Where am I Going?

My career as an Aerospace Engineer:

JOB DESCRIPTION: An Aerospace Engineer designs aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. They direct and coordinate the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft. they inspect malfunctioning or damaged products.

SALARY (anually): $97,480

JOB OUTLOOK: This job is expected to grow 5% by 2020.

CLUSTER: This career is in the STEM cluster.

WORK SCHEDULE: They work full-time, sometimes on the weekends.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: They spend most of their time in an office.

Something that I thought was interesting was the fact that this job combined the two jobs I couldn't decide between; an architect, and an engineer. Another interesting thing about this job is that you get the chance to design equipment that will fly around the world or go into space.

How do I Get There?

COLLEGE: I think I would like to go to Georgia Institute of Technology. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has programs that I could take to get a career as an aerospace engineer. It is far from my home, but I have family that lives in Georgia, and I could visit them.

COST: The out of state tuition fees are $$29,954.

DEGREE: I would need at least a Bachelor's degree, but it is possible you could need a Master's degree.

SCHOLORSHIPS: I would like to qualify for a Governor's Scholarship. I would like to qualify for this particular scholarship because with it you can go anywhere you want to. It's not to a particular college, so you don't have to go to the college that gave it to you. You'd have the opportunity to do anything you want.

Behind me and before me is God, and I have no fears.