by: Hunter H., Alexis M., and Jordan W.

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The Savanna is in Africa has a wet and dry Climate. In the wet season the temp. Is around 68-86f in the dry season it is 68-78f.they usually get around 20 inches of rain a year.
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Red Oats Grass

The red oat grass or also sometimes known as kangaroo grass. This grass has a variety of sizes from 30-180 centimeters. This plant also has a drought tolerance and can withstand a fire. They are very common in Africa. It is often farmed to feed livestock.

Lemon Grass

Lemongrass has stiff ends that grow in the form of dense clumps. It produces bluish-green like blade leaves. The flowers in the lemongrass are designed for pollination by wind. Lemongrass also produces fruit which is called caryopsis.

Jarrah Tree

This tree is one of many species of eucalyptus. This tree usually grows around 40-50 meters high and the trunk growth is around 3 meters. The leaves on the tree are about 8-13 centimeters long. The Jarrah tree has white flower bud on it. The tree usually grows in gravely soil.


Common plants include the Jarrah tree, elephant grass, Bermuda grass, and eucalyptus tree. these plants are in this biome because they can withstand sizable amounts of heat with little water

Soil Condition

Some of the soil is fertile such as southeastern regions. In the northwestern region the soil is more non fertile.


Zebra- Stripes can be seen from far away however also works a camouflage. They are very social animals, and live in large groups.

Giraffe- Has keen eye sight. Long neck helps get food and water during droughts. They live up to 25 years of age.

Elephants- They have special structural features to help them find food to use as defense and to drink water with. Elephants have tusks made of ivory so it can help them defend themselves, but also gets them killed by poachers.