The country that has been closed down for over 50 years

Did You Know?

  • Myanmar's population is 49,861,000
  • Myanmar's language is Burmese
  • Myanmar is 676,578 km
  • In Myanmar it isn't proper to show emotion in public
  • The states of Myanmar are Chin, Kachin, Kayah, and many more
  • Myanmar's weather is 33 degrees which is hot

Myanmar's Culture

Myanmar is a very cheerful country, they may not show emotion in streets.

Their culture is Buddhist.

Geographic Landforms

Myanmar Borders...

The countries Myanmar borders are...

Myanmar borders Lao, China, India, Bangaladesh, and Thailand.
Beautiful Myanmar Dance

Myanmar's Cultural Dance

One of Myanmar's most cultural beautiful dances.

The Military Goverment/ How was myanmar formed

It was formed when the Burmese were in war against the Mons. In 1044 the king Arawratha established Burman supermacey over the Irrawaddy delta over Thaton.


Yangon is Myanmar's capital, which is very crowded.

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