The Roanoke Island Lost Colony is ?

The island of the lost colony.

The Mystery if Roanoke Island

The people at Roanoke Island believed ''There city was called Star City and in 1884 the town's population had exceeded 5,000. Population, all the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country English settlement that had been established in July 1587. ''He found no trace of the colonists except the word CROATOAN carved on one tree and the letters CRO on another.'' ''It is believed that if there were any survivors of the “Lost Colony,” they were absorbed into the Croatan Indian tribe.''


There were a lot of mountains on Roanoke Island. The height of the mountains are 2,138 feet high and there was a lot of rivers near Roanoke Island.


Important Facts

  • 116 people landed on a island of the east north carolina
  • they established the foot hole
  • one theory is the lost colonists