Office of Special Education

December 2019

Framingham Public Schools provides a broad array of services for children and youth identified with disabilities from the ages of three through twenty-two. State and federal special education laws and regulations, namely The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), govern the referral, evaluation and placement procedures. The Framingham Public School District is committed to the goal of providing an appropriate education for students with needs in the least restrictive environment. The manual below has been created for all members of the Framingham community and for those who serve the Framingham Public Schools. Contents address special education services and criteria for our students with disabilities and is designed for community members, parents, students, administrators, general education teachers, special education teachers, other service providers and paraprofessionals.

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Special Education Liaisons

  • Since the beginning of the school year, we have had an influx of move in students so be sure to add your name to their IEPs as the primary contact in ESPED if you haven't done so already.

  • It is your responsibility to share student accommodations with any staff who work with the student throughout the school day. It is up to you, how you choose to share the details. Some choose to print the accommodations and give them to staff and others print the snapshot reports from ESPED.

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A FREE opportunity to get 15 PDPs for Special Education

Foundations for Inclusive Practice: Online Course for PDPs

This course is one option for MA educators to meet the 15 PDPs license renewal requirement related to training in strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and instruction of students with diverse learning styles at no cost.

Learning Ally

The Special Education Department has invested in school licenses for Learning Ally. Learning Ally is a proven multi sensory reading accommodation composted of human-read audio books. If you think your students may qualify for a Learning Ally account, please reach out to your Special Education Team Evaluation Coordinator and they will help you get started.
Learning Ally in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn and Succeed
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What would you like to see in the Special Education Newsletter?

Articles on best practice, links to free resources, highlights from classrooms and events around the district? Please email me with any suggestions at