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Supervision Needs

Not sure if you've felt the change in energy BUT Ms. Lynch and I have. These last five weeks it is CRITICAL that we up our level of supervision. Class - lunch - hallways - cafeteria - PLAYGROUND and BATHROOMS.....need our attention. Please be vigilant about student supervision. When students are at recess we need adults at critical points. On the K-2 playground there should always be adults near equipment, especially the climbing wall and slides. We need to reinforce hallway behavior at every opportunity. Our school-wide expectation is that students will be silent when moving through the hallways, including breezeways. Classes are easily interrupted so please be review what CUBS rules look like in all of the different settings.

We've had a lot of vandalism in the 2 story restrooms. It seems to be coming from the upper grades (4 and 5) and while I'm glad they can spell my name correctly, it is not fair that other students are being exposed to vulgarity. Grades 3-5 - meet as a grade level and discuss how we can address the steady stream of students coming in and out of the restrooms during class instruction and increase supervision.

Spring Fling is ALMOST here....

Friday, May 6th let the fun begin! Friday afternoon as soon as dismissal is over we need to have all cars moved from the back parking lot. Buses will be parked at the Kindergarten lot. If you have NOT been to Spring Fling before please make sure you check the mail room for booth assignments. We will need specialists and support staff helping with food, tickets, and specialty booths (dunking booth and inflatables). The first 30 minutes is low-sensory with no DJ music for our special needs students. This is a huge fundraiser for us so we want a HUGE crowd. Please make sure your families know dates/times and that each class booth needs shard coverage. Hours are 5-8 for this once a year event. Help is needed from EVERYONE.

Many parent volunteers have been working all year to make this event a success - please help us celebrate this amazing event.

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Stop by the Book Fair this week. If you have a parent wiling to volunteer to help please let Lexus or Ms. Cain know!

Wednesday, May 4 is "Ride your Bike to School Day" (or walk)

The Bike Club of Asheville donated an awesome new bike rack. It is located outside the art room. This Wednesday is National Ride your Bike to School Day. We will be walking/riding from the corner of Hamstead and Kimberly Ave.
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Don't fret....we will be a week behind but the PTO has some AWESOME plans. We will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 9 - 13th with lots of celebrations and the traditional international potluck. Hang in there one more week!

School Improvement Team

Tuesday, May 3rd, 3:15pm

Media Center, Green-side

Bring technology - we will email the tasks to work on tomorrow. If you had a goal assigned you can bring your work.

Who is up for snacks? Book Fair will be in main section of Media Center.