It's time to stand up against cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is any bullying that occurs or takes place through technology. Some examples of cyberbullying include text messages or e-mails that are mean, rumors that are sent by email or posted on a social networking site such as Facebook. When embarrassing pictures, or videos are also posted on social networking sites to intentionally hurt another person, that is cyberbullying. This is according to the Cyberbullying page on

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Who is at risk?

No single factor puts a child at risk for bullying. Bullying can happen anywhere. Bullying can happen to anyone, and bullying can happen any time! According to the article All Children at Risk of Cyberbullying, there are more and more children who are being affected by cyberbullying. The number of incidents of cyberbullying is increasing because younger children are starting to use phones and have access to computers.

What are the warning signs?

Here are nine signs of cyberbulling according to Dr. Michele Borba who wrote the article 9 Signs of Cyberbullying.

-Hesitant to be online or unexpectedly stops or avoids using the computer
-Nervous when an Instant Message, text or Email appears
-Visibly upset, angry, or depressed after using the computer or cell phone
-Hides or clears the computer screen or cell when you enter or doesn’t want to talk about online activity
-Starts using the computer when you’re not in the room
-Keeps going back and forth to check screen in shorter spurts
-Withdraws from friends, wants to avoid school or peer activities or uneasy about going outside in general, pulls away from family members
-Suddenly sullen, evasive withdrawn, marked change in personality or behavior
-Trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, excessively moody or crying, seems depressed
-Suspicious phone calls, e-mails and packages arrives at your home
-Possible drop in academic performance or falls behind in schoolwork

Effects of Bullying

Bullying has negative outcomes on mental health, substance abuse and suicide. The emotional and psychological effects of cyberbullying are very destructive, according to the article Cyberbullying and its effect on our youth.

Preventing Cyberbullying

Students should talk about bullying, have prevention techniques in school, and the community should get involved. A great prevention program to implement in schools is the Olweus Program.

Make the Pledge

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